A Moral-less Enemy is Impossible to Beat

One of the most successful tactics employed by President Obama comes right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. The fourth rule of power tactics, according to Alinsky, is using your opponent’s rules against them; or rather, making them live up to their own rules. This is something that Alinsky says is very effective as he claims conservatives can no more follow their own rules than Christians can live up to Christianity. When dealing with the left you have to understand that they are operating from a completely different moral base than you would expect.  To them there is no absolute, there is no God and the ends truly do justify the means. To put it simply, the left is willing to corrupt themselves in order to bring about what they call, mass salvation. They think they know what is best for mankind and that a fear of corrupting one’s self is a sign that you fear taking action and do not care about society.  In other words they are willing to corrupt themselves because they do not believe corrupted means will corrupt the ends.

To say that corrupt means corrupt the ends is to believe in the immaculate conception of ends and principles. Alinsky pp. 24

Action is for mass salvation and not for the individual’s personal salvation. He who sacrifices the mass good for his personal conscience has a peculiar conception of “personal salvation;” he doesn’t care enough about the people to be corrupted for them. Alinsky pp. 25

To defeat an enemy who is operating from this type of moral base is almost impossible because the radical left knows that Christians will not allow themselves to be corrupted. In other words, they can fight an unfair fight because they have no moral base and we continue to get our noggins clobbered because we won’t stoop to their level.  Republicans have refused to stand up against the Obama regime out of a fear of being called racist, or being made to appear uncompassionate and unwilling to compromise. This is a tactic that the Democrats have employed very successfully, to the say the least.

The most frustrating element to all of this is the notion that Republicans/conservatives love their country yet they are unwilling to employ these tactics against the left even though it would be incredibly easy to do. For instance, President Obama recently announced that the acts of violent jihadists were our fault because we criticize Islam. In other words, Obama is making excuses for terrorists by justifying their actions because they can’t handle a little criticism. This has been the story after every recent Islamic terrorist attack. The Charlie Hebdo shootings were the result of an offensive cartoon, the Benghazi attack was allegedly (at first) the result of an offensive video.  So, what he is essentially saying is that Islamists are big cry babies who get their feelings hurt when someone criticizes them but they have no problem showing their hypocrisy by committing murder in response. He is employing the same tactic with Black Lives Matter. Their actions are justified because they are supposedly, oppressed.

Well, if it is justified for Radical Islamists to shoot cartoonists because the cartoon is offensive and it’s alright if Black Lives Matter threatens nationwide riots because Donald Trump pretends to hurt their feelings, then when will it be alright for us to be offended by continually being called racist, taking our jobs away, watching our flags be burned, lying about our culture and allowing perverts into the bathroom with our daughters? Therein lies the point, the left gets away with what they do because if we respond, and act the same way they do we are setting ourselves up for failure because to us violence is wrong, to them, violence is a means to an end. Conservatives watched in shock as people acting without conscience burned down their own city in response to the Michael Brown shooting while the communist left, who paid them to do it mind you, believed they were creating a more just society. They paid no mind to the hundreds of people already living in poverty, that lost property and suffered injuries because they believe the ends justify the means.  It isn’t any different when considering the current state of black America. Under President Obama black Americans are losing as opposed to gaining ground. President Obama is a community organizer and it is likely that the Democrat party is intentionally keeping black Americans poor in order to use them as social props as they push a socialist agenda. If keeping them poor brings us closer to his grand dreams of wealth redistribution, then it is completely justified.

This is the real face of the Democrat party. A belief that the ends justify the means no matter what those ends are. It doesn’t matter if people get hurt as long as the agenda moves along. The left knows that we will not stoop to this level and fight back because they are playing on our compassion and our values, the threat of government crackdown and martial law also looms. If the left is so willing to use these destructive means to bring down a system that they despise, doesn’t it seem like we should be willing to do a little more to save a nation we allegedly love?  At some point we are going to be faced with deciding whether or not our country and our children’s future are worth taking a stand for. We must be able to do this while keeping the moral highground. 

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