Why President Trump should demand an apology from CNN’s Acosta, who blatantly lied about the migrant caravan

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta has made himself POTUS Donald Trump’s favorite journalist to despise because he has become the poster boy for what the mainstream media has morphed into: A political operation on behalf of the Democrat Party, which is moving so far to the Left, Venezuela’s socialist leader Nicolas Maduro looks conservative by comparison.

You may recall earlier this month that Acosta managed to get himself tossed out of a White House briefing after haranguing and lecturing the president, then putting his hands on an intern who was attempting to take the microphone away from him at POTUS’ direction.

CNN and Acosta sued to get his hard pass reinstated and, remarkably, the federal judge in the case found a new right in the Constitution: The Fifth Amendment’s “life, liberty, or property” “due process” clause also applies to journalists who have lost their White House press passes.

In any event, the real story here — one that Acosta and CNN have done their best to ignore — was the subject of the lecture to POTUS: The thousands of caravan migrants who are now camped out in Tijuana and are banging on America’s back door trying to get in.

As soon as he was given the mic by another reporter, Acosta said he wanted to “challenge” the president on his previous characterization of the various caravans as an “invasion.”

“I consider it to be an invasion,” POTUS interjected. 

“The caravan is not an invasion, it’s a group of migrants moving up from Central America towards the border with the U.S.,” Acosta ‘corrected.’ “Why did you characterize it as such?” 

POTUS repeated that he “considered” it an invasion. And it turns out that he was right.

Attacking U.S. border agents is an invasion

As The National Sentinel reported, not only did a group of about 1,000 migrants attempt to storm a border region on Sunday, they used women and children as shields while they pelted U.S. border agents with rocks and bottles:

Border Patrol officials said their agents were being attacked with rocks thrown at them by migrant males using women and children as shields.

San Diego Chief Border Patrol Agent Rodney Scott said that personnel did not use tear gas, pepper balls, and other dispersion techniques until after his agents were attacked.

What’s more, as NewsTarget added, plans were being made by some migrant organizers to wait until their ranks had swollen to 20,000 before rushing the border en masse. Others claimed they were not interested in applying for asylum in the U.S. because it’s a “waste of time,” in the words of one. (Related: Leftists denounce the U.S. protecting its own border with non-lethal tear gas as INVASION wave attempts to breach the border and occupy America.)

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham said during her program, “The Ingraham Angle,” earlier this week, now that it’s been proven that the at least some members of the migrant horde are intent on invading America — will CNN report it and will Acosta apologize to the president for his intentional mischaracterization of the situation, according to TownHall.

“She also touched upon some of the worst hot takes from the liberal media. From those saying the tear gas was cruel to CNN saying the illegals trying to storm the border shows…that we don’t need a wall, or something. Whatever the case, the media was embarrassed again. They tried to prove Trump wrong—and failed,” wrote Matt Vespa. “The illegal alien caravan is mostly male, full of criminals, and they’re not seeking asylum. No wonder why the numbers for trust in the mainstream media remains in the toilet.”

Even far-Left MSNBC’s migrant camp reporter destroyed the “not invaders” narrative:

The fact is, there shouldn’t be any apologists for these hordes of people attempting to break into our country. That’s because the United States is a sovereign nation and has every legal, moral, and ethical right to enforce its borders and make its own immigration rules. 

And as president, POTUS Trump took an oath to uphold and defend our laws and borders. Acosta and CNN own him a huge apology. 

Read more about the Left-wing media’s propaganda campaigns regarding the border at Propaganda.news.

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