Health Ranger dismantles identity politics and reveals why “you have no right to not be offended” in latest uncensored podcasts

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Here are three of my most recent podcasts on the subjects of identity politics, the insanity of “being offended” and why I am wishing so hard for an explosion in the unemployment rate among bureaucrats in Washington D.C.

WARNING: None of these podcasts are suitable for people who are easily offended, blindly obedient or incredibly stupid.

Identity politics and the collapse of the political left

In this podcast, I excoriate the total insanity and hypocrisy of “identity politics” which has now become the default mindless position of the political Left. Click here to listen at the Health Ranger Report, or listen below:

You do NOT have the right to not be offended

In my second podcast, I explain why there’s no such thing as any right to “not be offended.” Here, I demolish the insanity of the “grievance culture” where everybody thinks they’re being mentally assaulted become somebody uttered something they didn’t like.

Grow up, snowflakes!

Click here to listen at the Health Ranger Report, or play the following:


A NEW HOPE: How Donald Trump will cause massive unemployment among federal bureaucrats

It is a great hope of mine that half the incompetent, corrupt and useless bureaucrats in the U.S. federal government will soon find themselves unemployed. Why is that one of my hopes? Because paying nitwits to run a bloated government is a vast mis-allocation of resources, and we’d all be better off as a nation if those people found jobs in the private sector instead of living as parasites off the taxpayers.

In this podcast, I reveal why Donald Trump will help us achieve widespread unemployment among useless bureaucrats (and why that’s such a good thing for America).

Listen at the Health Ranger Report website, or click PLAY below:

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