Food Evolution GMO propaganda film was spearheaded behind the scenes by biotech shill and exposed wife beater Jon Entine

A new documentary film being released, entitled Food Evolution, is the latest in chemical industry propaganda spreading the message that GMOs (genetically-modified organisms) and crop chemicals and great, and branding it as “science.” And none other than wife-beater and raging lunatic Jon Entine is behind the project, which functions more as corporate PR campaign for biotechnology companies like Monsanto than it does as educational entertainment.

According to U.S. Right to Know (USRTK), an advocacy group pushing for transparency in GMO labeling, Jon Entine’s Genetic Literacy Project (GLP) took the lead back in 2014 to make Food Evolution a reality. A private email written by Monsanto’s Eric Sachs to a group of PR advisors reveals that the St. Louis area-based biotechnology firm was to have direct involvement in the making of the film, and Entine would provide the investment capital.

The minutes of a planning meeting that was held during the launch phase of the film expose Entine of offering up a personal pledge of $100,000 to fund the film under terms that were partially cut off in the notes. The inference, though, was that if the rest of the money could be fronted from other investors, then Entine’s private donor would hand over the cash and make the film a reality.

Entine also has connections to the Institute for Food Technologists (IFT), a Big Ag trade group that pushes a pro-GMO agenda. IFT was a big contributor to Food Evolution, and its executive board is filled with pro-GMO hacks like former DuPont and Monsanto executive Janet Collins, who was president of IFT at the time when the idea to create Food Evolution was first hatched. (RELATED: More on Jon Entine’s sordid history is available at

“IFT chose [Academy Award-nominated director Scott Hamilton Kennedy] to direct the film, but he and producer Tracy Sheehan say they had complete control over the film they describe as a fully independent investigation into the topic of GMO’s including all points of view,” writes Stacy Malkan for USRTK.

Entine is a truth ‘hit man,’ both in his work and personal life

Entine’s involvement with efforts to push GMOs and crop chemicals as “food” is extensive. While posing as an independent journalist, Entine has published shill piece after shill piece, oftentimes in mainstream media rags like Forbes, donning the alleged merits of biotechnology as a cure-all for world hunger. And he’s openly allied himself with Monsanto, Syngenta, and other multinational chemical corporations in spreading this propaganda.

He’s also involved with the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), a thinly-veiled corporate front group that accepts money from Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, General Mills, PepsiCo, and the American Beverage Association – all entities that have a vested interest in hiding GMOs and chemical poisons in their products.

Entine is known for his “hit man” approach to fake journalism, often invoking revenge-style language against those who expose his corruption or lack of facts. This same hit man mentality is reflected in his personal life as well, where he has been known to threaten and even violently assault people who cross him. This was seen with his bitter seven-year divorce where his now ex-wife accused him of abusing her. Entine also threatened to sue his daughter’s therapist if he continued to provide her with therapy sessions resulting from the ordeal.

“Entine takes a ‘hit man’ approach to single out individuals – especially critics of GMOs – for accusations and abuse, often calling them names or implying they are sociopaths or a danger to society,” explains about Entine’s toxic persona, which is evident with regards to his involvement in the production of Food Evolution.


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