Mainstream media now using the term “vaccine” to mean an injection of DNA-altering viruses that invade your cells and re-write your genetic code

If a doctor approached you with a needle containing a genetically-modified (GM) virus that he said would permanently lower your cholesterol levels and protect you against heart disease, what would you call that an injection? If you’re a normal person, you’d probably call it attempted assault. But if you’re TIME magazine, you’d erroneously call it a vaccine, of course.

As part of an ongoing and coordinated attack on cholesterol by the mainstream media and government health agencies, genetic butchers like Dr. Kiran Musunuru from Harvard University’s Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology are busy hatching new ways to reprogram the human genome to create “better” humans. And in the process, they’re disguising their schemes as “medicine” to trick people into accepting it as beneficial to their health.

As reported by TIME, Dr. Musunuru and his colleagues are trying really hard to capitalize on genetic engineering to accomplish what they believe will improve heart health for millions of people. Completely reinventing the definition of vaccine (just like scientists did back in 2012 by claiming to have invented an obesity “vaccine”), they’re pushing injections that they say have the potential to permanently inhibit circulating levels of cholesterol.

Ignoring the fact that cholesterol is a key substance that the body uses to produce hormones and regenerate brain cells, the researchers involved with the project clearly have a very low-level understanding of how the human body works. They were probably trained in medical school to think “cholesterol=bad,” and thus have spent their entire careers working on novel ways to eradicate it.

Now, they’ve successfully developed what they say is a solution. And with their mainstream media partners touting it as a vaccine – many members of the public are stuck in their own simplistic mindset of “vaccines=good” – the hope is that once it’s finally approved commercially, millions of people will line up to receive it without giving it a second thought.

“This approach in general will be a game changer,” claims Dr. Deepak Srivastava, director of cardiovascular disease and stem cell biology and regenerative medicine at the Gladstone Institutes.

Cholesterol isn’t bad, and genetically-modified viruses aren’t ‘vaccines’

Addressing the inherent flaws in the line of thinking that sees all cholesterol as evil is a topic for a whole separate article. But that’s the premise behind this new approach to lowering it with transgenic virus “vaccines” that change the normal way the body functions. It’s a typical approach in Western medicine that ignores any potential for unintended consequences that might lead to other problems for patients.

According to the study, which was published in the journal Circulation Research, mice that were given the injections saw more than half of their liver cells genetically edited within just a few days. Besides the virus itself, the vaccine also delivered a hefty dose of what TIME refers to as “DNA-disrupting machinery” that apparently allowed the virus to reach its intended target.

It’s like Frankenstein crossed with the Twilight Zone – but to doctors pretending to be God, it’s a miracle. Tinkering with the human genome is just “progress,” you see. There’s nothing sacred or off-limits when it comes to human tampering anymore, so long as it’s dubbed as medicine that provides benefits.

“The way I think about it, it’s about how to make the average person like that person who won the genetic lottery and is protected against heart disease,” Dr. Musunuru told the media, perfectly illustrating this point. Though his little concoction isn’t quite ready for the mainstream, he hopes it will be within the next few years.

“We want to extend the benefits the fortunate few have to the entire population. That would be the dream.

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