Politico confirms the Health Ranger’s warning that communists are invading U.S. schools

Is there a legitimate “Red Scare” that threatens the integrity of America’s educational system with an agenda to indoctrinate students into the death-cult philosophy of communism? A recent article published by Politico seems to suggest so, warning that Chinese propaganda is now flooding many college campuses across the country.

Many conservatives, as well as our own Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, have been warning about pro-communist influences in American education for years. And it seems as though the mainstream media is finally catching on to the fact that those sounding the alarm about this serious threat haven’t just been engaging in political hand-wringing.

Consider the announcement made last year by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte that a Chinese government-funded program is planning to open up a “Confucius Institute” on campus that will teach “Chinese language, culture and history.” According to Nancy Gutierrez, UNC Charlotte’s dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the purpose of the Confucius Institute will be to “help students be better equipped to succeed in an increasingly globalized world.”

She adds that the center will further “broaden the university’s outreach and support for language instruction and cultural opportunities in the Charlotte community.”

It all sounds so nice until you consider the fact that even the Chinese government admits that the institute’s purpose represents a whole lot more than just language-learning fun and games. In 2011, a speech made by a standing member of the Politburo in Beijing admitted that there is a much more nefarious agenda afoot that seeks to basically brainwash American students into accepting the political tenets of the communist regime.

“The Confucius Institute is an appealing brand for expanding our culture abroad,” admitted Li Changchun about the ultimate goal of the program. “It has made an important contribution toward improving our soft power. The ‘Confucius’ brand has a natural attractiveness. Using the excuse of teaching Chinese language, everything looks reasonable and logical.”

Communism-pushing ‘Confucius Institutes’ are now present at more than 100 American colleges and universities

In other words, the Chinese government is using the cover of teaching “Chinese language and culture” to increase its power over the younger population of the United States – using taxpayer dollars along the way, it’s important to note, as UNC Charlotte is a public university supported by North Carolina taxpayers.

And it isn’t just at UNC Charlotte where communist Chinese infiltrators are spreading the gospel of communism. According to Politico, Confucius Institutes are now present at more than 100 college campuses across the country – including at The George Washington University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Iowa – as well as at another 400 college campuses across the globe.

Each one is overseen by a branch of the Chinese Ministry of Education known in colloquial language as “Hanban,” and they’re all functioning, to use the exact words of Politico writer Ethan Epstein, as “a broader propaganda initiative that the Chinese government is pumping an estimated $10 billion into annually.”

How the platform of communism in any way jives with the free market principles that underlie America’s representative democracy is anyone’s guess, as the two, for all intents and purposes, are diametrically opposed in every way. But this is the state of education in America today where, as the Health Ranger also points out, communist subversion of its entire bedrock is nearly complete.

“Former Soviet-era deception expert Yuri Bezmenov laid out a blueprint for communist subversion of any targeted nation back in the 1980s,” Adams writes.

“That blueprint looks remarkably like what Obama and the radical left just pulled off over the last eight years… with the help of the lying mainstream media and cultural subversion via movies, TV, Jon Stewart, fake news, false flags and an overthrow of the public education system (Common Core, an anti-education indoctrination / obedience scheme).”

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