Say what? Breitbart news publishes WebMD flu vaccine propaganda shaped by pharmaceutical giants

One of the leading voices in independent media — — is a great resource when it comes to exposing the fake Russia collusion hoax being imagined by the fake news legacy media. But Breitbart isn’t infallible, and the publisher seems to have taken a turn towards the dark side when it comes to the influenza vaccine. One of its staff writers, Penny Starr, recently penned an article about this year’s circulating flu that cites government propaganda talking points about how most of the people who’ve died so far this year from the virus became victims because they weren’t vaccinated. That’s fake news, as we’ve exhaustively documented on this website over the last several months.

To make the fake news claim, Starr cites statistics from the corrupt U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which says that the official death count among children has officially reached 84. This data was presented as part of the CDC’s most recently issued weekly report, entitled, “Interim Estimates of 2017–18 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness – United States, February 2018.” (For the record, the CDC routinely lies in order to push flu vaccine propaganda. The CDC director recently resigned after being exposed for purchasing stock shares in vaccine companies, but the Breitbart story completely failed to mention that outrageous conflict of interest. See for more detailed coverage.)

Starr then goes on to cite data from the Big Pharma-funded fake news website, pointing to alleged data showing that, of the 54 kids (this being the official death toll number at the time that WebMD published this particular dataset) who were old enough to get the flu vaccine, only 14 of them, or 26 percent, had gotten at least one dose. WebMD, of course, was itself citing data from the CDC, as relayed in the journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

“About half of the children who died had underlying medical conditions that made them more vulnerable to severe complications from the flu, and 60% had been admitted to the hospital before they died,” WebMD admits, adding the caveat that, “In previous flu seasons, as many as 85% of children who died after getting the flu had not been vaccinated.”

This last point is clearly pointing to last year’s flu season, and really doesn’t have anything to do with this year’s flu season. But Starr somehow extrapolated this in the title of her article for to suggest that 84 children have died this year from the flu, and “most who died weren’t vaccinated.”

“The good news is that because it is only half way through the flu season it is not too late to vaccinate children who are six months old or older, according to the CDC,” writes Starr, apparently oblivious to the truth that the CDC’s vaccine propaganda is just another form of the same media lies that have been pushed to destroy President Trump.

The flu shot doesn’t even work! Why is Breitbart spreading CDC propaganda?

Oddly enough, Starr admits just three paragraphs prior that a recently-released CDC study admits that the flu vaccine isn’t even all that effective, helping, at most, 36 percent of adults who receive it. That number is slightly higher for kids, she says, which is apparently more than enough “evidence” to show that getting it is a good idea.

But as we’ve also pointed out here at Natural News on many occasions, even these numbers are inflated. The CDC itself admitted back in 2011 that flu shots are medically useless. Not only do they not provoke the type of immunity that keeps the flu at bay, but in many cases they can actually trigger the flu, or at least flu-like symptoms.

We’ve also exposed WebMD as being on the dole when it comes to taking special interest money to promote an agenda. In 2013, we exposed the corrupt medical information page for accepting millions of dollars in cash payments to promote the corrupt and failed Obamacare scheme.

For the record, has been a very important, effective and courageous independent news organization over the last several years, and we’ve cited and linked to thousands of their articles. AWR Hawkins’ articles defending the Second Amendment, in particular, are a true breath of fresh air. So let’s hope Breitbart isn’t become part of the “medical establishment” that pushes toxic cancer treatments, statin drugs, antidepressants and flu shots. If that’s where Breitbart is headed, it will soon become just another toxic source of medical disinformation that harms America.

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