Antifa website attacks conservative Parkland shooting survivor and family of victim Meadow Pollack

The most recent school shooting in Parkland, Fla., in which 17 people including 14 students were killed by a well-known threat to the community, saddens nearly every American, and while we differ on how best to address these incidents, most can agree they are a tragedy.

But what we can’t abide by is allowing anyone to turn such incidents into political fodder and use the loss of life there as a means of advancing any political or cultural agenda.

But the operators of an Antifa-related website, It’s Going Down, are attempting to do just that. In recent days someone posted a screed opening attacking conservative-leaning survivors of the shooting as well as an actual student who was killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, labeling them “The Frightwing Opportunists of Parkland.”

In addition to referring to current efforts to bolster school security at various primary educational institutions around the country as “dangerous” and those who seek to deter shootings and protect students as “proto-fascists” (those whose views show the beginning of fascism). 

“Perhaps the most concerning of the new batch is the Pollack family, who started ‘#meadowsmovement’ after their family member, Heather Pollack, was killed at MSD,” wrote the anonymous IGD contributor who incorrectly referred to the student as Heather. 

Her actual name was Meadow, a la “Meadows Movement.”

“The Pollack family has very successfully organized charity events and collaborated with many of the other ‘March for Our Lives’ groups while promoting an explicitly Pro-Gun, Pro-Trump, Pro-Police agenda that is very contradictory to the overall goals of M4OL.” (Related: Civil War: Domestic terror group Antifa Leftists to hold ‘Armed Defense’ workshop in Arizona.)

The post then sought to criticize student Kyle Kashuv, 16, who has been appearing on select media defending gun rights and the Second Amendment overall, while attempting to work with politicians in a bipartisan manner to develop practical methods and strategies for protecting students at schools in Florida and around the country. He even met with Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, whom he said assured him the Second Amendment wasn’t going to be repealed.

He’s also met with President Donald J. Trump and first lady Melania Trump.

“Kashuv is an ardent Trump and 2nd amendment supporter that hasn’t hesitated to cash in on the tragedy of MSD to be a torch bearer for our nation’s dominant white supremacist narrative. He’s currently trying to get Turning Point USA leader Charlie Kirk to speak at MSDHS,” the article said of the student.

Further, the piece asserted that “these people seem all-too-willing to exploit it, to stop M4OL’s momentum, and to break up the liberal order here in Broward County. 

The rush for the Democratic Party to ‘do something’ about school safety has been dangerous enough so far, but you might want to start worrying about what proto-fascists have in store for us. If they are able to build a front to give ever-greater powers to the fascist federal and state government and their police, and along the way further criminalize minority youths and the mentally ill, Parkland’s youth will indeed have died for nothing,” the article concluded.

It’s Going Down was previously removed from Patreon for advocating violence and destruction to further communist goals, The Gateway Pundit noted further.

Reading this diseased mindset conjures up images of real fascists — Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin — as they spoke to the masses and attempted to whip up support for themselves while demonizing their enemies. We all know how these movements turned out; they are now vanquished from existence.

But the movements nor the men who led them went quietly. All told, based on various figures, between 65-75 million people were killed in the 1930s and 1940s being victimized by Left-wing fascism and trying to extinguish it.

We may have to do so again in the near future. Thanks to the intolerant hatred of the Alt-Left, America is quickly devolving into two separate societies right before our eyes.

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J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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