Tech giants, social media now run by “left-wing journalist mafia,” warns Bokhari… radical Leftism now controls nearly all “allowed” speech online

Big Tech’s censorship efforts have been the subject of widespread controversy, but as Breitbart senior correspondent Allum Bokhari contends, the tech industry isn’t acting alone. The liberal establishment media has been pushing for increased censorship of their biggest rivals, and they’ve been doing a bang-up job. The independent media was once poised to overtake establishment news outlets.

In the wake of numerous fake news scandals, it sadly comes as no surprise that left-wing media outlets are now “striking back” and trying to silence their opposition. As an overwhelmingly left-wing industry, Big Tech continues to acquiesce to the outrageous demands of liberals without a second thought — even if it means creating a space where only one set of values and beliefs is allowed to be shared and no diversity of thought is tolerated. The sham of “political correctness” has reached its peak — and the liberal media knows exactly how to capitalize on PC culture to get their way.

The establishment media has been working to not just silence conservatives but to eliminate any potential competition they may have.

Cutting off the competition

As Bokhari contends, it wasn’t that long ago that establishment media faced extinction as social media and independent journalism began to flourish. But in today’s world, that threat has been greatly diminished — largely thanks to the mainstream media’s manipulation of current PC trends.

To get their way, all a left-wing journalist has to do, Bokhari states, is send an angry email to the right people. One quick memo is all it takes to get a tech company to change their algorithms or create a blacklist. As Bokari writes:

The journalists at BuzzFeed have become masters of this tactic. Recently, they launched an investigation into “misinformation” and “hyper-partisan” content on YouTube. A day after the publication of BuzzFeed’s report, YouTube announced it would adjust its algorithms to tackle “misinformation”. The outlet led the media pressure campaign to have Alex Jones booted from Twitter. Anti-censorship comedian Michael Meecham (aka “Count Dankula”) says it was BuzzFeed that made YouTube demonetize his channel, effectively firing him.

There is no shortage of examples of Big Tech bending over backwards to keep their leftist pals happy. As Bokhari notes further, YouTube just got caught manually changing their algorithms for  the search terms “abortion” and “abortions” because a Slate writer complained about the “prevalence” of pro-life content.

A coordinated attack

There are many variables that affect how search results are displayed, but popularity (views, likes and shares) are a predominant factor in what results come up when you search certain terms. What this means is that if you search “abortion,” and the top videos are pro-life, its most likely because lots of people are looking at those videos — and most likely not because the leftist tech industry is “favoring” conservatives.

As Bokhari explains, the attack on independent media is multi-pronged. First, the Left must incite outrage over the popularity of independent media outlets like InfoWars via mudslinging and accusations.

Then, they launch a “request for comment” from advertisers, sponsors, business partners of the social media platform or content creator. Step three? Get the social media platform to cave in. Whether it’s ousting the target journalist or changing their algorithms, Big Tech always concedes.

As Bokhari notes, it’s not just conservatives who are being targeted anymore; virtually anyone who speaks out against the establishment media is at risk of being flagged.

The establishment media is now using social media to artificially increase their standing and maintain their gate-keeper status in all things news. The most blatant example of this effort is the launching of NewsGuard, a shadow company run by the media to discredit independent journalism and push establishment propaganda.

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