Shocking list of college course names reveals truth of how liberal universities have devolved into lunatic left-wing propaganda indoctrination camps

The identity politics and victim mentality of the left continues to grow because liberal universities are literally indoctrinating students with self-limiting belief systems on issues of race, gender, identity, and sex. An organization called the Young America’s Foundation conducted an audit of online courses offered to students for the 2018-2019 academic school year. The audit pulled course descriptions from the U.S. News and World Report’s Top 10 Liberal Arts Colleges, including the Southeastern Conference, the Big 10 Conference, the Big East Conference, and the Ivy League. What they found was both shocking and hilarious…read the full report here.

Not only do the course descriptions perpetuate a liberal agenda, but they mock conservative values from the start, while shutting out ideological diversity and dissent. The courses are obsessed with topics that advance the ideas of feminism, promote transgenderism, and impart a victim mentality for any race that isn’t white or any gender that isn’t male. The courses alienate masculinity, highlight the teachings of Karl Marx, and talk about the “queering” of education, God, and the Bible.

Today’s university course offerings make a mockery of education

At Swarthmore College, students can take RELG 032: “Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology.” The course states, “The God of the Bible and later Jewish and Christian literature is distinctively masculine, definitely male. Or is He?” During the class, students will learn “to stretch the limits of gendering and sexing the divine.”

At Wellesley College, students can take a course in “Transnational Feminisms,” described as “a critical engagement of transnational feminism(s) in a global context.” The course description offers a hilarious mouthful: “In this course, we will explore how neoliberal globalization, human rights discourses and an intersecting array of complexes — including those of a humanitarian, non-profit, and prison industrial variety – dually shape and constrain agitations for justice across national, political, and technological borders and boundaries.”

At the University of Iowa, budding adults can take a course in “African American Women, Health, Hair, and Sexuality” which explores “African American women’s bodies, from the exotic to the erotic” and how they are constructed to “fulfill a variety of personal and cultural fantasies as well as social functions.”

Of course, at Northwestern University, students can take a course called “Unsettling Whiteness” which preaches about white superiority. Likewise, at Middlebury College, students can take a class called “With People” which discusses the “formation of whiteness as a site of privilege, aggrieved entitlement, and even a category of ‘trash’ in the more recent past.” At Providence College, racism is promoted further with a course called “The Power of Whiteness” which correlates white people with “colonialism, slavery, imperialism, and globalization” and how it suppresses cultural environments and gender-sexual identity formation today.

At Dartmouth College, the next generation of working adults can touch up on the subject of “Black Queer & Trans Futures: An Experiment” which preps them for “colonial dispossession, racial violence and cisheteropatriarchy on campus and beyond.” If Dartmouth students prefer, they can take a course that “examines how issues of race and sexuality are elemental to radical formulations of queer theory” from course WGSS 65.06—Radical Sexuality: Of Color, Wildness, and Fabulosity.

Universities are churning out easily-offended dependents who take pride in a victim mentality

In order to fix the dilapidated brains of college graduates who have been sucked in to this leftist indoctrination, colleges should require graduates to take a class called: “Breaking free from liberal idiocy.” The course should explore all the ways in which leftist ideas create easily-offended, self-obsessed, dependents who are rewarded for having a victim mentality.

It would be nice to see universities offer young men a class called: “How to be a man: cultivating inner resilience and toughness in a feminized society.” Or perhaps students should be required to take a class called: “Stop playing the victim with your race, gender, and sexuality.” This class could help students by reprimanding them for using the race or gender card when they feel offended. If universities are going to overcharge for idiocy, they should at least start offering classes that end mental suffering instead of promoting whiny leftist belief systems, victim mentality, and useless intellectual theories that have no place in the real world.

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