Google official BUSTED saying tech giant should use its power to “steer” conservative movement: When will Trump administration act against this propaganda?

Leaked audio featuring yet another official from Google bashing the Right reveals his desire for the company to use its vast economic might to “steer” the conservative movement in a way that serves the political objectives and interests of the Left.

Adam Kovacevich, Google’s senior director of U.S. public policy, described the recent annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) as a “sideshow Circus” in the leaked audio, in which he also made the case that the tech giant should continue to sponsor future conferences to “steer” the conservative movement “away from nationalistic and incendiary comments.”

As reported by Breitbart News: 

The comments came to light in leaked audio files allegedly of a company-wide meeting at Google, part of which is now exclusively reported by Breitbart News. Another part of the transcript was released last Friday on Tucker Carlson Tonight, while further snippets revealing Google’s funding of establishment conservative think-tanks were published by the left-leaning tech magazine Wired in December.

The meeting allegedly occurred after Google’s 2018 CPAC sponsorship triggered an angry response from Left-wing Google employees. Breitbart News reported exclusively on the internal rebellion at the time, noting that radical Leftists inside the company accused CPAC of “ethno-nationalism” and “hate.”

Google, so far, has not refuted the authenticity of the audio, Breitbart noted, but then why should it? No one else is reporting on what was said and certainly, the Left-wing “mainstream” media would applaud Kovacevich’s suggestion. (Related: Study: Google, Facebook ‘absolutely do’ have power to sway elections; is this why conservatives are being censored?)

According to clips of the audio reviewed by Breitbart News, Kovacevich said CPAC was a conference that had a “dual identity,” including one in which it serves as a “premier gathering” for a “whole swath of conservatives” including “national security conservatives, economic conservatives, libertarians, Log Cabin Republicans, deficit hawks, [and] small government advocates.”

But, according to an audio clip, on the flip side he disparaged CPAC which featured a “sideshow circus-like element” which “CPAC organizers have intentionally cultivated sometimes, inviting outrageous figures that say incendiary and offensive things, I think in order to draw more attention and controversy to the conference.”

Google doesn’t really want to be a ‘company for everyone’

Kovacevich said he wanted to be “clear” that he does not “agree with those things” because “we abhor and rebuke the offensive things that are said at the conference.” He added: “Those things obviously don’t align with Google’s values and our approach. And I think it’s challenging for us to reconcile those two identities of CPAC.”

In another clip that was provided to Breitbart News, Kovacevich hit on the importance of continuing to reach out to conservatives but only as a means of countering conservative media. He noted that without being able to craft GOP and conservative messaging, Right-leaning publications would continue to push stories detailing Google’s anti-conservative bias, which “could be harmful to our mission of building products for everyone.”

Google, which owns YouTube, clearly doesn’t want to be a tech company for ‘everyone.’ The bulk of its employees, it appears, align with the Democratic Left. Time and again, the company’s officials have been exposed as critical of conservatives even as its social media properties have been caught banning conservative voices and media, and always under the false guise that we’re somehow less truthful and honest or that we traffic in “fake news” (when really, it’s the “mainstream media” Google supports that does that).

The good thing about leaks like this latest one is that they further demonstrate what Google has become — a Left-wing hate factory so intolerant of other viewpoints it is willing to go to any lengths to circumvent those viewpoints. 

The bad thing is, the more Google officials are exposed as agents of authoritarian Marxism, the more that will drive them underground and they’ll simply plot our demise in secret.

Where are the Trump administration’s regulatory arms? Where is the Federal Election Commission? The Federal Communications Commission? Where is the Securities and Exchange Commission? 

Political activism is one thing. Suppression of voices through fraudulent means, however, is something else entirely. Until Google is made to pay a steep price for plotting against its users, the company will just keep doing it.

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