Free speech is something we took by FORCE, and the leftist fake news media is trying to steal it from us – WATCH at

There are plenty of brainwashed Americans out there who are under the false impression that free speech is something that was granted to us by the government. To the contrary, free speech is something that our forefathers seized by force from government tyrants who shed a lot of innocent blood trying to control people who refused to be subjects of an authoritarian state.

During a recent episode of The Alex Jones Show that aired at, @Libertytarian host David Knight explains some of the history of the First Amendment, and how it’s under active assault by the “deep state,” which is trying to steal it back by force.

Since the advent of the internet, the free-flow of information online has burgeoned to the point that deep state tyrants no longer have control over the narrative. What was once easily manipulated through programmed television and radio can no longer be “caged” by those who, back in the old days, manipulated all of the information that was released publicly.

“They would have the two or three news network that were allowed to be out there, and they made sure that they parroted exactly what the CIA wanted you to hear,” explains Knight, revealing how all of this was accomplished through a secret CIA propaganda initiative known as “Operation Mockingbird.”

“They would cover only the stories that the government wanted to have covered, and they would cover it from the angle that the government wanted it to be covered. And that’s what we’ve had for the longest amount of time,” he adds.

Liberals calling for online censorship of conservative speech are the new “Redcoats”

Then the internet came along and shook things up, making it easier than ever for ordinary citizens to communicate with one another without government interference. It was a boon for free speech, hence the deep state’s latest assaults against it in the form of “blacklisting,” account suspension and termination, de-platforming, and other silencing tactics.

“What we had for a brief period of time was a free internet, and they’re shutting that down right now,” says Knight.

“People were able to communicate with each other. They were able to listen to whatever they wanted to hear, they were able to watch whatever they wanted to watch, and they were able to share that information with other people. You can’t have that because the ‘meatheads’ and the Operation Mockingbird CIA people don’t want to have that. So they’re putting down a system of censorship right now.”

It’s something that American patriots need to actively oppose whenever it rears its ugly head, because free speech is at the heart of what it means to be an American. Silencing opposing viewpoints is a tactic of tyrants, and it’s exactly what the left is now advocating as it loses considerable ground in the “culture wars.”

“Free speech was never given to us. We took it,” Knight emphasizes. “It didn’t come down on high in the Bill of Rights. It wasn’t given to us by a Supreme Court. It was taken by a jury.”

And just who are the most aggressive culprits right now that are trying to destroy free speech? The so-called press – fake news outlets like CNN, The New York Times, MSNBC, HuffPost, BuzzFeed, and many others. These purveyors of non-truth like to pretend as though they’re beacons of free speech when, in reality, they’re leading the charge to eliminate it from the public sphere.

“They’re working hand-in-glove with the government to make sure that only a couple of voices are heard,” says Knight about the media’s role in controlling the narrative.

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